Short-term working capital


For short-term working capital?

Your business generates revenue in uneven or irregular cycles. You fill a niche that other, less agile entrepreneurs cannot address as well as you do. However, the nature of your industry makes managing cash flow a challenge. We get that. You need working capital to smooth out the bumps. Mezzanine Payroll Funding (MPF) is designed to deal with precisely your situation.

Meeting payroll is your single most critical, non-deferrable cash obligation while you prepare for the busy season or wait for delayed income. Payroll Funding Company pays a single payroll for you on credit—one at a time, as needed—to cover the gap. This spreads the expense over time for up to six months at your discretion. Repayment is by a manageable, weekly, minimum amount as your revenue recovers.

MPF is a supplement to your permanent bank financing, which continues to be a resource for longer-term stability. But the more cumbersome institutional process may not provide the speed or flexibility you need to meet immediate circumstances.

When you sell a new account or the weather hasn’t cooperated or you have an insurance glitch or last year’s supplier drops a product line—or you’ve maxed out your bank or factor or other secured borrowing—MPF is ready and available to carry you through to daylight as the situation is resolved.

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