Grow your business


To grow your business?

Your small company has the agility to adapt to a changing marketplace and grab new business but only if you have the cash to gear up for it. If you’re stuck in a shell game shuffling slow collections and urgent payables, you can’t compete. Mezzanine Payroll Funding (MPF) ends the game and gives you back your competitive edge.

When money is tight, all available cash goes to payroll, the single most predictable and non-deferrable drain on your cash reserves. By covering just one week’s payroll expense, MPF frees the dollars you have on hand, as well as your executive time, to get out and engage your market. At your discretion, the amount is repaid in as little as five days or optionally spread over time up to six months.

This is an as-needed, supplemental cash resource available on a quick, short-term, finite basis. As an unsecured funding, there’s no interference with any of your other permanent financing arrangements. We pay a single payroll for you, one at a time, with no ongoing contract. A six-month weekly repayment plan is designed for easy handling within your regular operating revenue—and even easier out of the increased profits from an expanded business!

You can always be ready to provide service to new customers right away. Offer better payment terms. Use the cash for a week to upgrade internal systems, a month to build capacity for a new account, or six months to increase market share. How can it work best for you?

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