Cover cash flow


To cover a cash flow gap?

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Every active business experiences periodic cash shortfalls. Cash is a tool, like any other piece of equipment or service system in your operation. You use cash for operating expenses and to stay engaged in your marketplace. We consider your pro-active marketing initiative a positive indicator, and we understand that occasionally it results in more expenses going out than revenue coming in. The lag can catch you by surprise despite all the best laid plans.

Mezzanine Payroll Funding (MPF) is short-term, supplemental cash to cover such “gap” situations without a hitch in your operations or your permanent financing arrangements or your aggressive marketing plan.

When money is tight, all the dollars you have on hand must be allocated to payroll—your single most critical, non-deferrable cash obligation. The squeeze is tighter still when you can’t earn discounts for prompt payment to your suppliers and customers want concessions for paying you on time. Not only does this deplete your reserves, but your valuable management time is diverted to the unproductive shuffling of collections and payables.

Paying just one week’s worth of payroll on credit can buy you a vital window to cover a lag in receivables, a rapid business expansion, a supplier failure, an insurance glitch, or any other situational or event-related cash shortage. That’s what we do: cover a single payroll, one at a time, with a manageable weekly repayment plan to spread it over six months.

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